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Author: Monster Lebay

When I was going out of the office, I see Noni resepsionisku in the lobby. a girl's high school graduate, she looked so pretty that day, with a blazer the color of chocolate combined with a self-colored skirt. kuurungkan my intention to exit the office and I turned towards my office room kembali.Mungkin he already knew what would happen to him shortly. I do sometimes call my office just told me. Usually I do it after working hours, when the office was deserted. But sometimes I call him to vent to can relieve stress, which can make my concentration interrupted. Nonipun soon have appeared in my office. After I put lock the door, I ordered him to sit on the couch guest. Her beautiful face seemed resigned to the situation that requires her to be a means of impingement



  1. Noni.................. call me 081514660009

  1. Helloooow............Noni,..... I want know to you. Are you from Chineesse or Indonesian?.
    If you girl Indonesian, Please ! you are just speak Indonesia.This my number seluller 087738758777. I wait you'r call. I like you.

  1. noni u r a horny girl....lets chat about sex with me....

  1. hai non gimana cr hub.kamu

  1. hai non,nomer lo dong..


  1. PBOHONG BANGET....!!!

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